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Behavioral Biases: Saving Us From Ourselves with Goal Based Investing
20-10-2014 0

Quite often when couples and families sit down to talk about and make decisions about how they want to save, invest and use their money for income they are not aware of or take into account their behavioral biases.  Daniel Kahneman in Thinking, Fast and Slow explores in great detail how people will often use mental shortcuts to reach conclusions and make decisions.  Mental shorts cuts usually will not serve us well when it comes to making financial decisions where weighing our choices and considering alternatives often provide opportunities that are not immediately apparent and require open-minded questioning.   

The Case for Goals-Based Investing
06-10-2014 2

Sudden market downturns cause many people to panic and sell otherwise good investments. Other people feel that they absolutely have to be in on the ground floor of every new emerging market. Goals-based investing addresses these emotional responses to investing.