specializing in retirement income

What Do I Do?

By specializing in retirement income, the first and most important duty I have to you,  your spouse, and your family is to spend all the time you need to help you thoroughly understand the risks you face when you decide to work less or stop earning an income entirely.  Most people need plenty of time, support and guidance to transition from earning, saving and investing for growth to  implementing investment strategies focused on delivering reliable income that can be counted on to produce regularly cash flow to meet living expenses.

Less work and more time for things they would rather do is what so many people tell me they want when they consider retirement. They are seeking a way to find new meaning and create connections with others that no longer relies entirely on work and earning a full time income to meet their living expenses.

The approach I use to help clients build confidence and make retirement income decisions is called goals-based investing, built on defining how much money you need and when you need it.  Put simply, it is implementing investment strategies and account types that can be identified as now or later and have to vs. want to. The real challenge for meeting a couple’s retirement income needs is understanding their account types, learning about account ownership, potential tax liability and beneficiary designations that align with a couple’s income goals and desire to leave a financial legacy.

As you make retirement income decisions and implement account types and investment strategies to fulfill your goals we always invite your tax, legal and other advisers to guide and support your decision making process.

How Do I Get Paid?

1. Investment Advisory fees charged to the accounts where I am serving as your Investment Advisory Representative (IAR).
2. Commissions paid by an investment company where I am serving as a FINRA Registered Representative (RR).
3. Commissions paid by an insurance company for products you purchase where I serve as an agent.

How Will We Work Together?

In the beginning, after we have first met, I will spend all the time you need, here in my office, or at your place to help you and your spouse thoroughly understand the risks you face and the choices you have to solve the problems you face. Many couples have multiple accounts, some tax favored and some not.  If and when and how individual and joint accounts are to be owned, invested and managed often requires careful consideration with multiple goals that need to be taken into account.

I work for you on an ongoing basis continuing to regularly communicate with you and continuing to help you thoroughly understand your choices when your circumstances change and when external factors warrant changes in your strategies.  We will get to know each well as we work together because I’m in this for the long haul supporting your goals of bringing meaning and connection to all your relationships.

 Richard W. Butler