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Understanding that sometimes your biggest money problem is learning to talk about it. "We solved that!"

Understanding that as your family grows so do your concerns about the future. "We feel secure now."

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  • Money is emotional. Together, we'll navigate several retirement income problems for which I can help provide an elegant solution.



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    A Genetic Link to Foresight and Stability

    Ware-Butler TruckBack in the 1920s, John Ware and my grandfather, Perley G. Butler, were partners in a logging operation in the Jackman, ME area that wholesaled lumber to buyers in the Boston and Connecticut markets. Around 1924, a recession prevented them from shipping lumber by train to those areas. As a result, the two men were forced to stockpile cut lumber at a site they owned on North Street in Waterville. They began retailing lumber and other building supplies under the corporate moniker Ware-Butler, Inc., which is still in operation to this day at three locations, including that original lot in Waterville. The two men showed their ability to survive and prosper despite the vagaries of the economy. That ability to change with the times has characterized Ware-Butler ever since. Mr. Ware died in 1947 and my grandfather followed him in 1948. Grandpa had wisely purchased a generous life insurance policy that allowed my father to go to college, which is where he met my mother - and that's where my story begins.